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Mission Statement

To provide a team of experts to work with clients in order to address their varied issues and to find a positive resolution or satisfactory

ongoing support.


Our experienced staff will visit clients' homes to learn about their problems first hand. We are able to provide a written home condition and fall risk assessment, discuss medication monitoring, quality of living, ADL and other issues. We work with clients on their stated needs-listening to their concerns and using our experience in senior care. The outcome of the assessment combined with clients' concerns, needs and desires will result in an Action Plan. The Action Plan prioritizes the needs and safety concerns while providing the clients with a step-by-step guide to the actions needed to resolve issues and improve their quality of life.  

Let us do the research to find the resources you need that are available in your community. Our team can locate the best doctors, senior care facilities, latest medical advances and clinical trials. If you aren't sure of what services are available to seniors in your city or county, we will provide a comprehensive list.  Confused about insurance, medical directives and power of attorney? We will cut through the red tape to make it easier to understand and to help you make the best decision for you and your loved ones.

Let us be your advocate to find equitable resolutions to bills and healthcare disputes by setting payment plans, drafting offers to compromise and uncovering discounts only available to seniors and veterans.  During your complimentary phone consultation with our team, you can share your concerns about aging, eldercare, health issues and other life events with our knowledgeable staff.

Let us relieve you of the chore of paying your monthly household bills or sorting through piles of medical bills.  We can create budgets, come to your home and write your checks and help you to manage your finances.

Let us translate legal documents, letters and other papers from English to Spanish or Spanish to English.

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