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“As a busy Attorney raising a family,  it stressed me out to have to sit and pay monthly bills.  Since GCC Associates took over that task, I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted.”


Philadelphia, PA

“As a local politician I used GCC Associates to translate my posters and fliers to Spanish.  This allowed me to serve my Latino constituents.  They also provide legal document translation for members of the community.”


New Castle, DE

“I am a Stage IV Cancer patient and there are so many things to deal with.  GCC Associates helped guide me to the best Clinical Trials as well as other resources needed.  This allowed me and my family to concentrate on my health instead of researching and fighting for services.”


St. Louis, MO

“As a Caregiver for my aging parents I was overwhelmed with what to do.  GCC Associates has helped me along the way with choosing physicians, knowing other resources available and advocating to make sure we got what we need”.


Sicklerville, NJ

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